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Frequently Asked questions

Can I DreamLease a used car?

Yes! We can lease all vehicles; new and used. There are no limits on a vehicle lease.

Can I DreamLease a car for sale through a private party?

Yes you can, in fact many of our clients do. We can set up a lease on any vehicle for sale through a dealership, private party, auction, etc.

an I easily get a lease quote for a car(s) that I'm interested in?

Absolutely! We can get you a personalized lease offer typically on the same business day.

I found a car I want to lease, what's next?

We'll need to collect some information and we'll be able to prepare a fully customized DreamLease offer for you or your business. Once lease terms are agreed upon, we'll take care of the rest including registration, shipping, custom outfitting, etc.

Can DreamLease find the car for me?

Yes! We love finding cars for our clients as our passionate team of leasing experts and car enthusiasts have many resources to find the right vehicle for you. We'll get all the answers you need and help negotiate for you.

I want to trade in my current vehicle. How do I do it?

DreamLease will value your used vehicle and offer your trade-in value upon receipt of the clear title and vehicle. Trade-in value reduces sales tax, interest, and reduces lease payments.

How do I make ongoing lease payments?

Payments are typically made by ACH monthly, but can also be made via a single-pay lease if preferable to monthly billing.

What is an open-end lease?

Open-end leases are flexible leases meant for those that have unpredictable holding periods and/or mileage. Any equity transfers to the lessee at lease-end so open-end leases are typically less costly and more flexible.

How does early termination work?

It is possible to terminate your DreamLease early. Traditional closed-end leases are less flexible to terminate early than open-end leases. Open-end leases focus on the value of the vehicle versus what is owed, not on mileage/damage/term. In both lease types, the current lease payoff is offset by the vehicle's then-current mileage in the event of early termination.