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Who We Are

DreamLease carries 30 years of experience building loyal leasing relationships for executives, business owners, professionals, professional athletes, and companies of all types.

Live the life you imagined and dreamed of. We want you driving your dream car and do everything possible to make that happen.  DreamLease has expertise in exotics and collector cars married with with passion for delivering white glove service to discerning clients and making the complex look simple.  

We make the complex simple.  We make dreams realities. We save TIME, MONEY, and STRESS. We invite you to inquire below to learn more about flexible lease options.

DREAM - you are walking on a beach, you get a call from the car dealer that your dream car is in with all the desired options.  You’ve been waiting three years.  Now’s the time to act but you are on vacation with your family. You arranged your lease with DreamLease.  With your feet in the sand, the DreamLease team will acquire the vehicle, send paperwork electronically, and coordinate all the details for you.

Pina Colada saved!

Come home. Get in your new exotic and Drive the Dream.

Your DreamLease is delivered...and it’s no longer a dream - it is your new reality.

Nothing makes us happier than delivering your dream and making the process smooth.
That's the fuel that gets the DreamLease team fired up. Start your engines.


Why Dreamlease

Getting an exotic is exciting. DreamLeases exists to make the complex look simple and KEEP the process exciting. 

We take the stress and frustration out of the process. Ordering, procurement, payment, financing, documentation, registration, and trade-in are all handled with ease through DreamLease.  

- You find the car (New or Used)
- We find the car (New or Used)
- Dealer sales
- Private party sales
- Personal lease
- Business lease

DreamLease does it all.

DreamLease offers a unique lease.  It’s called an OpenDreamLease

An open-end lease by definition is flexible - easier to terminate early, easier to extend, and there are no penalties for damage/mileage.  You can, and likely will see a refund at the end of your lease should you return the vehicle. 

YOUR equity flows back to YOU.  Losses are billed to you.  It’s flexible, simple and fair.

DreamLeases are built around your needs and your dreams.

Our Personalized Process

Combining three key elements, DreamLease ensures the best lease solution:

Key #1 - CUSTOM - Lease terms to suit your needs - any mileage, custom residual values

Key #2 - SERVICE - Service is about relationships and communication.  DreamLease employs exotic car leasing specialists to work through the options.  All leases are held in-house and not sold to third parties.  It all happens within our four walls.

Key #3 - REPEAT - DreamLease builds decades-long relationships, repeat clients, and outspoken advocates.  

A - TERM - Terms range from 12-72 months to suit your desired goals.

B - RESIDUAL - Residuals are offered as a range of options.  You have choice!

C - PAYMENT - Some want a high payment.  Some want a low payment.  You choose.

Other - Exotic car leasing saves a substantial amount of sales tax in approximately 43 States. 
There are income tax savings as well in many cases.  Business leases are an attractive
option for owners/executives. 

Consider DreamLease’s executive lease program.

How to Apply for a DreamLease

Submit a DreamInquiry here.  Tell us about the vehicle, desired lease terms, and goals for your lease.

DreamInquiry (Click Here to Describe Your Dream Car)

We then invite you to submit credit application(s) as appropriate.

Business Application

Business Credit Application (Click Here)Personal Credit Application (Click Here)

Personal Application

Personal Credit Application (Click Here)Personal Financial Statement (Click Here)


How long does it take to setup a DreamLease?

The process can be quite quick. It takes 24-72 hours typically including the necessary credit checks.

How do I make ongoing lease payments?

Payments are typically made by ACH monthly, but can also be made via a single-pay lease or monthly billing.

I want to trade in my current vehicle. How do I do it?

DreamLease will value your used vehicle and offer trade-in value upon receipt of the clear title and vehicle nationwide. Window sticker and maintenance records help substantially. Trade-in value reduces sales tax, interest, and reduces lease payments.

What is a closed-end lease?

Typically known as a consumer lease, a closed-end lease is rigid in nature.  Annual mileage and lease term are specified. Should you exceed the mileage, damage the vehicle, or terminate early, penalties are charged. Compare this to an open-end lease agreement.

How does early termination work?

It is possible to terminate your DreamLease early. Closed-end leases are less flexible to terminate early than open-end leases. Open-end leases focus on the value of the vehicle versus what is owed, not on mileage/damage/term. In both lease types, the current lease payoff is offset by the vehicles then-current mileage in the event of early termination.

What are upfront costs?

Typically upfront costs can include the following: lease acquisition fee, first payment, upfront tax (if applicable), title/license fees. Down payment, if selected or if required, are due upfront.

Is there a single payment lease option?

Yes. DreamLeases can be paid upfront in a single payment.  This saves interest and administration. This works very well for lessee's who prefer not to make monthly payments or would otherwise be cash buyers.

What is an open-end lease?

Open-end leases are flexible leases meant for those that have unpredictable holding period and/or mileage. Any equity transfers to the lessee at lease-end so open-end leases are typically less costly and more flexible.

Can I take a s.179 deduction on a DreamLease?

If you lease qualifies as a capital lease, you may be able to take the s.179 deduction + have the lower monthly cost of a lease versus a loan. That's called having your cake and eating it too. Talk to your accountant.

Will the lease(s) appear on my personal credit report?

Business leases will not show on the personal credit report of the business owners/guarantors.


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